Whole-grain wheat and barley fill each and every power-packed Grape-Nuts nugget with a satisfying crunch and wholesome taste.
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Grape-Nuts Original

This classic cereal packs plenty of punch for the modern-day, active lifestyle. Post Grape-Nuts is made from natural whole grain wheat with barley and contains 49g of whole grains and 7g of fiber per serving.

20.5 oz. box

12-Pack (12 x 20.5 oz. box)

$4.37 per box - SAVE $11.00!
29 oz. box

10-Pack (10 x 29 oz. box)

$4.99 per box - SAVE $10.00!
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Grape-Nuts Flakes

Post Grape-Nuts Flakes pack delicious whole grain goodness into crispy flakes. With 23g of whole grain* and 3g of fiber per serving, Post Grape-Nuts are a low-fat, low-cholesterol, 100% natural way to support a heart-healthy lifestyle.*

18 oz. box

12-Pack (12 x 18 oz. box)

$4.57 per box - SAVE $11.00!